Three Diamond Ring Repair Tips You Should Know

19 March 2021
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Whether you have a wedding ring that needs fixing or another favourite piece of jewellery, you need to know how to handle this work. Finding the help of a quality jewellery shop will assist you so that your ring stays clean and presentable. In this article, you will learn more about working on these rings so that you can get the most of them.

#1: Keep your diamond ring clean and polished regularly

One of the most important things you can do is keep your ring clean and presentable. Taking it to the shop to get cleaned will help with this, while also giving you more longevity from it. The more you wear your ring, the more it accumulates sweat, smudges and skin oils that can wear it down and create damage. It will likely cost you at least $25 to get your diamond ring cleaned by a professional shop.

Many ring owners also decide to get their piece polished to add an extra bit of lustre to it. This is an excellent complement to the diamond setting, and you'll be proud to have this ring on your finger each day.

#2: Find a company that can take care of repairs when you need them

There are always some repairs that you may need to take care of from time to time. When you find a great jewellery shop, it'll help you know what you can expect to pay for each type of repair they offer. For instance, resizing a ring may cost less than other repairs such as replacing stones and soldering rings together. There may come a time that they need to reinforce the diamond setting so that it stays put and doesn't give you any issues.

#3: Think about overhauls and upgrades that can be helpful

Finally, keep an eye on any kinds of long-term fixes and upgrades that you might need to get for your ring. Adding rhodium plating is a common upgrade that adds some contrast to your favourite ring so that it stands out. You may also look into some engraving work and other kinds of upgrades that add more personality and uniqueness to your ring. Always do your research on what sorts of upgrades add value to your ring also so that it remains an asset to you.

Utilize these three tips and start reaching out to jewellery shops that can assist you. If you have additional questions, contact a company like Jewellery & Gifts.